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Our Bilis-Busog Sarap-Silog Mission:


We want to end hunger…

….and promote world peace.


Nah. In the strictest sense, not really.


Simply put, we really just want to bring quality silog and food-on-the-go to every Filipino. We endeavor to provide superior silog –a quality and delicious alternative - that offers value for money to people-on-the-go like YOU.  By sharing the ‘bacsi’ experience, we want to put a smile on every student, worker, professional, or nanay’s face and a yummy dose of silog in their tummies that should get them through their busy day.


And if our customers take away our products with silog in their tummies and a smile on their faces, we just might be ending hunger and promoting world peace…


…one happy customer at a time!



Ate Rica Penalosa

Founder and CEO

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