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History and Vision

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Ate Rica's Bacsilog takes from its humble beginnings as a mobile food cart that started on May 22, 2006. The founder, Rica Penalosa (fondly called by the students as Ate Rica), would then physically push her food cart everyday to what was then called as DLSU's "hepa lane". With the opening of permanent stalls at the back of DLSU in Agno, Ate Rica's eventually found its sweet home at the food joint. It set itself apart by providing a unique and superior kind of silog by making bacon silog affordable yet satisfying to students. Our UST branch opened across the UST Hospital in April of 2015.


More than 15 years of operations later, Ate Rica's Bacsilog remains strong and determined to provide to more people the famous Bacsilog with its memorable recipe and taste; a taste that, in the words of a blogger, "the Lasallian community holds close to their hearts."


We envision Ate Rica’s Bacsilog on-the-go as a primary source of tasty, quality, budget-friendly, fast, and clean meals for people on-the-go. We endeavor to grow the brand all over the Philippines and re-create  the unique and fun ‘Bacsi’ experience in universities, workplaces, supermarkets, and locations where we can serve people better.



Ate Rica, along with her business partners, just recently incorporated the company, Baconnoisseur Corporation, in order to open its franchise operations. After more than a decade of providing delicious and budget-friendly food to students of DLSU and UST, Ate Rica's is now poised to take off and open itself to franchise partners so that more people on-the-go can enjoy the Ate Rica's Bacsilog experience all over the Philippines and beyond!

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